NodePanel 2 Update 2.17.0

Time for yet another NodePanel update! This update is a bit on the smaller side, because we've been hard at work on some pretty big things.

New Locations!

In the last month, we've expanded our locations from 5 to 8! As you may have seen already from our previous blog posts, you can now deploy your server to London, England; Dallas, Texas; and Belgrade, Serbia. The reception to these new locations has been amazing! The first few boxes were filled in only a week, and we've been adding to our stock every few days just to keep up with the demand. Expanding to these locations is a part of our goal to become globally available to all gamers, and of course we're happy to announce that we already have plans to expand even further. Next up on our list of locations: South Africa and Hong Kong! As always, please feel free to suggest a location on our feedback page!

Upcoming Dashboard UI Changes

Part of what we've been hard at work on is redesigning the Dashboard UI! We're wanting to really focus on the user experience. Some of the new features include the ability to sort and filter instances, as well as having the status of the server convenientely displayed on the instance, without needing to check the control panel. This is an all around cleaner look which will make things much easier to find, and save space on the webpage. This is still a work in progress, but we hope you're just as excited about the changes as we are!

Nodecraft dashboard changes

Summer can't be here quick enough, because we have a lot of things planned for Nodepanel and our social media! (We also just really miss the sun.) Check the log below for a complete list of the new fixes and changes!

  • [NETWORK] New Datacenter Location: London, England
  • [NETWORK] New Datacenter Location: Dallas, Texas
  • [NETWORK] New Datacenter Location: Belgrade, Serbia
  • [ADD] [Minecraft: Bedrock] You can now manage the players on your server, including setting a whitelist, assigning admin permissions, and banning troublesome users, all from the Nodecraft UI without having to manually touch any config files.
  • [ADD] the Nodecraft Support A Creator Partner Portal is now live for all partners.
  • [MOD] Tweaked console performance which has up to 500X performance improvement
  • [MOD] Added setting to disable redirect to for game server's dedicated IP on port 80/443
  • [MOD] Improved the blog style for readability. We're going to be publishing a lot more posts, so that matters! The blog tracks light/dark designs based on your browser/OS settings for supported browsers.
  • [FIX] Login with Discord is once again functional.
  • [FIX] Fixed errors not displaying correctly for Oauth logins from Twitch/Discord.
  • [FIX] Searching for articles on our blog now actually returns more relevant articles
  • [FIX] Addon pricing in user dashboard now properly reflects the correct currency, rather than assuming USD.
  • [FIX] Console timestamps now correctly report seconds.
  • [FIX] [Minecraft] Output for Forge 1.13+ is now parsed and displayed correctly in the console.
  • [FIX] [7 Days to Die] Server config file location for A16+ now supported.
  • [FIX] [Factorio] RCON settings are now saving correctly.
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