NodePanel 2 Update 2.16.0

Ready for another NodePanel update? This one's got a great new indie game, updates for your favorite content creators, and plenty of bug fixes, feature additions, and changes.

Partnering with Game Developers

Since we started Nodecraft, our mission has been to make online gameplay faster, better, and easier. With that goal in mind, some of these changes start with the talented game developers. We've been chatting with game developers for years to get a better idea of what they need to launch successful multiplayer games, and how we might help them accomplish that mission. Today we're pleased to announce that we've taken our first steps in directly partnering with game developers. The indie studio Epaga Games is among the first of the Nodecraft Developer Partners. We're helping them create a better multiplayer experience for their players while generating a new re-occurring revenue stream for their newly launched game: Spoxel.

Earning Revenue With Nodecraft

In this early stage, game developers participate in the Nodecraft Support-A-Creator program we recently launched. This is one of the first revenue streams that partnered game developers will get access to with our platform. We'll be announcing more direct in-game features later this year which makes the process of creating your own unique and customizable game server easy and painless.

Giving Gamers Choice

You'll find buttons in their game, Spoxel, that gives gamers the choice to host a local server on their computer or create a dedicated server with either Nodecraft or using the publicly available files from Steam. What's important to note is that we never ask our game developers to sign any exclusivity deals or prevent gamers from getting access to the dedicated server files. We value choice and transparency for gamers so that it doesn't impact some of the better parts of gaming like esports tournaments, gaming conventions, LAN parties, or community servers that self-host. We're all gamers, and we value the gamers who rely on Nodecraft's services to painlessly and instantly setup servers as much as we do the Linux geeks that host servers with their home labs (btw nerds, we're hiring).

Nodecraft and Spoxel in-game implementation to host a server

Nodecraft's Support-A-Creator Program

This update includes the Nodecraft Support-A-Creator program allows game developers, Twitch streamers, YouTubers, Mixer streamers, and other content creators the ability to be supported by their fans with Nodecraft servers. You can read more about this program in the official announcement on our blog.

  • [ADD] Nodecraft's Support-A-Creator program. Nodecraft partners, now including Game Developers, can start earning money from their referrals!
  • [GAME] Spoxel. Nodecraft is the official game server provider for Spoxel servers and partners directly with Epaga Games.
  • [ADD] [Left 4 Dead] Added basic game settings configuration.
  • [ADD] [Left 4 Dead 2] Added basic game settings configuration.
  • [ADD] [Killing Floor 2] Improved available game settings options.
  • [ADD] [7 Days to Die] Improved access to the official web UI built into the game server directly.
  • [ADD] [Factorio] Servers can now be started with specific scenarios configured from within NodePanel directly.
  • [ADD] NodePanel now includes a couple of more domains you can use for your free server subdomain. This list now includes,,, and more.
  • [MOD] Tweaked File Manager selection engine. The File Manager now reports file/folder stats for what's listed/selected, and the CTRL/SHIFT click engine has been updated to better support filtered/hidden files.
  • [MOD] [Conan Exiles] Game Configuration extended and improved to support more server settings.
  • [MOD] [ARK] Tweak bRawSocketsPort configuration handling.
  • [FIX] [Terraria] Player names are now printed in the console again as expected when running a tShock server.
  • [FIX] [Factorio] Configuration handling improved for the allowCommands option.
  • [FIX] [Minecraft: Bedrock] Player numbers are now reflected properly on the newest Vanilla Bedrock version.
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