Job Opportunities

Join us, and be apart of the future of Game Server Hosting, working directly to support and deploy servers for customers around the world. We are looking for self-motivated individuals with a passion for technology.

Required Attributes for all positions:
  • Must be a legal adult resident (18+) of Oklahoma, United States.
  • Must be able to communicate efficiently and coherently in English.
  • Basic understanding of unix based systems.
  • Ability to adapt quickly to meet customer needs.
  • Able to effectively work with other co-workers to accomplish a single, or multiple goals.

Job Openings

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    Support Specialist

    Hired employees can expect to start working on probationary salaries for 90 days prior to becoming a fully vested employee.

    Helpful attributes would include:
    • Experience handling billing operations.
    • Experience with complex datacenter network configurations.
    • Understanding of web programming languages, specifically Javascript.
    • Understanding and knowledge of REST APIs.
    • Experience with NoSQL databases, specifically JSON based.