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Tebex integration is live on Nodecraft!

Ever wanted to open a storefront for your Minecraft server? We’re excited to introduce you to our brand new integration: TEBEX! You can now connect to your Tebex webstore and monetize your servers with only a few clicks, straight from your control panel.

What is Tebex?

So what is Tebex exactly? We discussed this with Pedro Esparza, Head of Partnerships at Tebex, an Overwolf Division:

Tebex is a one-stop, out-of-the-box game monetization product allowing you to monetize your game products and server experience.  Our automatic product delivery platform allows anyone to set up a store and start selling to their community right away.

Check out a few of their most popular storefronts for examples—they’re utilized by plenty of folks you’re likely already familiar with, like Hypixel, AkumaMC, and MCC!

How to use Tebex intregration

So how does setup work? It’s simple!  And we happen to have a handy Knowledgebase article to show you the step-by-step process.

Try it out!

Whether you’re wanting to sell cosmetics, companions, mystery crates, or whatever else you can create, the Tebex storefront is a simple and effective way to open up shop for your server. Have fun, and show us the creative ways you’ve been using your stores over on Twitter by tagging us at @nodecraft and @TebexSupport!

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