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Terraria mobile servers now available!

We've loved hosting your Terraria servers while you explore on desktop. Now, we're able to support your adventures on mobile, too. πŸ₯³ So now you can play together from your phones, just in time for the season of family get-togethers. Will those be on Zoom too? Is Uncle Tim still going to gripe at you for being on the phone too much? Eh. Either way, get started building today, and if you get griped at you can whip the phone around and say, "But I've built this grand castle, dear uncle. Look at all my banners."

If you've already got a game server for one of the many other games supported by Nodecraft, you can swap your Instance over to host Terraria mobile for no additional cost! Terraria runs best on Keelo, our second smallest plan. So if you're running with that little green bot or higher, it's totally free to save, swap, and return to your old game when you're ready with no loss to your old world. Check out our video to learn more on how to use instances!

Happy Terraria-ing! πŸŒ³πŸ‡

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