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Service Updates

Reimagining Privacy for Game Servers

We want our customers to feel safe online when they create their own game servers, no matter who share it with. One of the main reasons players want their own servers in the first place is to ensure they have a place to play, explore and build with friends and family-- privately. In that interest, Nodecraft is evaluating what information we really need to store at all, regarding our customers. The less information we have, the less you have to worry about. After reviewing what is actually necessary for taxes and billing purposes, we're happy to introduce our new personal data policy.

Reducing Billing Data

Starting a few weeks ago, for the vast majority of customers, your name, address, street, and city are no longer stored on Nodecraft databases or servers. The input of this information is no longer required for new customers, and we've also removed data records for all existing customers that fit within our new privacy policy.

What we are required to store

Tax law varies from country to country, which is why we still store your Country, State/Region, and Zip/Postal Code. Additionally, Nodecraft Partners and our most active customers (less than 5%) who spend over a specific dollar amount per year will be required to enter personal information for tax reporting reasons.

The new standard for private gaming

Getting online to game shouldn't require you to announce where you live. The gathering of name and address of a user is standard in our industry, but in the nearly 10 years of Nodecraft's history, this information has actually been utilized 0 times. Modern fraud and abuse prevention do not rely on input billing information, making its storage useless and unnecessary. In the end, storing unnecessary data like this only presents a liability to customers, who are left to hope that their data is not shared with 3rd parties (advertisers) or at risk of being leaked online.

With Nodecraft you can game with peace of mind that your personal information isn't stored, shared, or at risk of being leaked.

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