Day of Dragons Early Access

Get ready to hatch into a whole new sandbox survival game full of dragons who fly, spit acid, breathe fire, and other monstrous feats in Day of Dragons. Created by Nodecraft Developer Partner: Beawesome Games, this multiplayer game brings you and your friends to a massive world with mystical creatures controlled by players & AI in your own private dedicated server.

Early Access starts today!

After raising over $500,000 on its Kickstarter campaign, Day of Dragons is launching in Early Access and is now available for purchase on Steam. Nodecraft has partnered with Beawesome Games as the recommended server host for gamers to instantly create their own Day of Dragons game servers. We've been working closely with their dev team to ensure that NodePanel has integrated control over in-game features such as whitelisting, admin, and other settings so that setup is just a few clicks away. We will continue to support the game developers with future development and growth of their game as it leaves Early Access and gathers a wider audience.

Nodecraft Supports Game Developers

Day of Dragons is our second indie game developer to become a Developer Partner via the Nodecraft Support-A-Creator Program. This creates a recurring revenue source for Beawesome Game with new Nodecraft customers who create a Day of Dragons server on our platform. As we continue to extend this program with more game developers, free core APIs, and integrated in-game features, our focus is on supporting these developers and the awesome people who play their games. As a result, we don't require platform exclusivity in these contracts, which would otherwise block gamers who setup servers in their own home labs. Gaming is about sharing amazing experiences with your friends, family, and sometimes those random internet strangers, and locked ecosystems rarely support that.

Nodecraft Developer Partner

Swap your Instance to Day Of Dragons now!

If you've already got a game server for one of the 26 other games via Nodecraft, you can instantly swap your Instance over to Day of Dragons for no additional cost! Even Nano, our cheapest plan, supports Day of Dragons! So save your Instance and swap to Day of Dragons for no extra cost!

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