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Partner Showcase: Jordankgames

This month we are passing the spotlight to our partner: JordanKGames! Jordan has been streaming since 2017, plays a variety of games, and boasts a collection of 517 Skyrim mods!
We got a chance to ask them about their journey, and what they enjoy about making content. Here are some highlights from our conversation:
Jordan K Games' avatar in a frame with sparkled

Q: What update are you the most excited about in the gaming space?

A: I haven't really been following any updates too closely recently. Just been waiting on Starfield to come out. I guess it's not an update of a game, but any update or info on Elder Scrolls 6 is 100% what I'm looking forward to.

Q:  Where did your gamertag come from?

A: Kind of a boring story, but my name is Jordan Kuiper and I stream games on twitch so "JordanKGames" kind of makes sense

Q: What's your go-to game when you're not streaming?

A: I honestly don't play games that much off stream. I mostly hang out with my dog or family. I play them enough on stream every night that playing them offline doesn't appeal to me too much anymore. Might do some very light stuff every once in a while like swinging around in spiderman on the PS5, but that's about it.

Q: What's your favorite game to stream?

A: I stream a variety of games, but Skyrim is my favorite game of all time. I've been loving that since it came out in 2011 and have been really enjoying getting to mod it for stream. All the weird bugs and glitches make for some fun clips as well.

Q: How long have you been creating content?

A: I started streaming back in 2015 on an old account, took a break for a few years, and then started up consistently in 2017. Was able to take it full-time a couple of years ago.

Q: What's your most played game, and how many hours do you have logged?

A: My most played game ever is Skyrim, but I'm not sure on the amount of hours overall. I played it on PS3, PS4, PS5, PC, Switch, and Xbox one. I can't get away from that game. I know Minecraft is my most streamed game with over 4,000 hours, but since I switched to variety back in October I haven't been on it.

Q: What do you enjoy outside of gaming?

A: Outside of streaming I enjoy road trips, hunting, target shooting, building PCs, woodworking, and spending some time outdoors with my dog. 

Q: What is your favorite mod for Skyrim?

A: You're probably getting sick of me talking about it, but I have a mod collection on Skyrim that consists of 527 mods that I love to use. Almost looks real. Eats up my GPU taking up over 17 GB of VRAM on average, but it looks incredible!

Q: Is there a game you're really looking forward to coming out soon?

A: Starfield is easily the game I'm looking forward to the most. Been waiting for it since they announced it back in 2018 at e3. It looks to have everything I love in a video game.

Q: What was the very first game you ever played?

A: I think the first game I ever played was actually the OG super mario on the NES. My dad had one hooked up in our living room as I was growing up and I would spend time playing that with him. After we got the N64 though I couldn't get away from Super Mario 64, DK64, and Banjo Kazooie.

Q: Best console from your childhood?

A: I absolutely loved the Nintendo 64. I would always play with my dad, brother, and cousins when they would visit. Some of my all time favorite memories came from playing Mario Party with them. 

Q: Are there any creators that have inspired you along your content journey?

A: For the first few years of streaming I would actually avoid watching other streamers because I was afraid I would turn into a clone of them instead of doing my own thing. I would watch a bunch of youtube videos, but they weren't of any gaming personalities. I loved watching Roman Atwood, Gilroy Vlogs, Dennis Roady, and a few other prank channels, but not any gaming ones. I've been wanting to get into YT more and have been watching a lot of tech tubers to see how they do things.

Q: What was the first game you ever streamed?

A: First game I ever streamed was Minecraft directly from the PS4

Q: What caused you to want to stream?

A: My buddy Adam wanted us to stream our MC world and I had no idea what that was. I remember telling him "There is no way people would want to watch me play video games" after he explained it, but I tried it once, got hooked, and here I am today.

Q: Do you get nervous when you go live?

A: I used to, but now it's actually one of my favorite things I do. I love getting to sit down, go live, and just talk to people. Always makes for a fun time. 

Q: What is a unique part of your routine before going live/creating a video?

A: I really don't have anything unique that I do. I'm a pretty boring guy before I get on camera. Just eat food, let my dog out, and hit go live.

Q: What is your most memorable gaming experience?

A: I think the most memorable moments for me are the times I get to spend with friends or family playing or talking about games. I've met a ton of amazing people through this line of work that have turned out to be some of my closest friends both online and IRL. Getting to go and meet people from twitch for meetups are always fun too. I love getting to meet members of the community

Make sure to check out JordanKGames over on Twitch!

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