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IPv6 - What is it?

Before I move on to covering IPv6, I'd like to discuss one of the biggest pres-sales questions: "why does it cost so much for a dedicated IP address?" Right now we are currently still using what's left of the IPv4 IP addresses in our datacenter as our network hasn't launched their IPv6 so we are on their IPv4 plan which limits the number of address we can obtain at an affordable rate. That's a few months from changing and we will be launching our IPv6 networks and prices should be reduced. All IPv4 ips will be kept by our current customers.

Now, for more information about IPv6. IPv6 is a transition to a new set of IP address-space. Rather than just numbers ( it will include alphanumberic digits and colons rather than dots. This change is done automatically with little change to your service at your ISP, service providers, or services you use day to day. You can learn more about this change by watching the video below:

![The new, larger version of the Internet: IPv6]( =80%x400)

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