Bytesize: A lightweight modpack designed to operate in under 1GB of RAM. Only available on ATLauncher.

We are proud to announce Bytesize, a lightweight Modpack released on ATLauncher. Bytesize is designed to work on the server with our small 1GB plan. We felt that there was a lot of great modpacks in the ATlauncher, but the majority of them required a 2GB or 3GB server to run - even for a few players. Bytesize is a densely packed modpack that focuses on bringing various tech mods to players which haven't had a chanve to play mods or wanted to, but couldn't due to system requirements or server requirements. We've also packed enough mods to keep the attention of long-term modded users!

One of the other goals of creating Bytesize was to introduce our team into the process of creating a modpack with the ATLauncher. We've learned a lot regarding the setup and release of a modpack and this valuable experience will only guide us in delivering a better experience in our continued partnership with the ATlauncher staff. We put a lot of value in simply using the products we build - a term coined as "eating your own dog food". We employ this within NodePanel as we have very little of a backend admin interface, as we heavily rely on using the same interface our customers do each day.

You can read more about Bytesize and it's developments at:

All support, suggestions, and inquiries can be submitted to the forums at:

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