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Terraria: Journey's End Features & Nodecraft Events

Terraria Journey's End

The final content update for Terraria is coming, and we're excited as heck. There is a ton of new stuff to look at, and we're gonna gonna be exploring it right alongside you with some themed events going on during launch week.

Special Streams & Game Giveaways

Our stream has looked a little different the last few weeks! Since everyone is quarantined away from the studio, we're running a special series of CEO gaming streams with Jon! Want some Terraria game codes? Because we got Terraria game codes, and we're making it rain. You know, because weather effects. I tried.

It all kicks off Friday, May 22 at 3:30CST, so don't miss out!

Show Off Your Screenshots

We wanna see your best screenshots from the update! Tag us on twitter so we can ooh and ahh together, and retweet our favorites. :) We'll be posting all sorts of cool Terraria content, so be sure to follow over on Twitter. Who knows, if your shot is particularly awesome, you might find yourself with a giveaway game code, too.

Terraria Sale

To celebrate this major update, take 50% off your first month of service! Don't worry though, you don't have to be a new customer to take advantage of this deal. Want a second server. or thinking of trying out an upgrade? You can use the discount on ANY new service. To apply the sale to a server upgrade, just contact our support team and they'll be happy to apply the discount to your invoice.

Backgrounds, Social Content, and More

Our exclusive Terraria wallpapers have been updated for the new content! Snag a new background for your desktop or mobile device, featuring some of the new kites and weather effects, and of course the most important part of the whole update: The shining toilet.

Be on the lookout for new game highlights throughout the year, featuring contests, streams, and of course, prizes for you to enter and win! As always, thanks for being a part of what makes Nodecraft special. Thanks to you, we're able to continue doing all these cool things, and loving every bit of it. See you again for the next one, and good luck!

Journey's End Wallpaper Preview

So what's in the update?

Are you not quite in the loop on what is coming with this update? We got you. The official word is pretty exciting, giving the broad strokes on new features including:

  • Over 800 new items

  • New enemies and challenges

  • Brand new mini-biomes

  • New storage solutions with the Void Vault

  • Block Swap to allow you to change out blocks without mining them first

  • An in-game Bestiary with escalating information about mobs you've defeated

  • Golf. Enough said

  • A brand new difficulty mode I will personally never defeat

  • Kites?? Yes, this is more my pace

  • Brand spankin' new weather effects

  • And more!

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