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Minecraft: The Coziest Contest is over! Here's our winners!

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our latest contest! These were some very atmospheric, very fun builds to go through. 🕯️ You all were really creative in finding cozy corners of the world, even within some pretty cave systems.

These are the coziest of the cozy! 💙 Congratulations to our winners! We will be contacting you via the provided email to claim your prize.

Third Place: $20 Steam Gift Card

This looks like the perfect place to settle in and watch the snow. We loved the floor-to-ceiling windows and mini garden, and the modern-style tiny home look! A small minecraft build of a modern cabin in the snow, featuring hanging lanterns and a small garden with bee hives.

Second Place: $30 Steam Gift Card

The conversation pit is perfect, here! Love the creative use of blocks to create furniture items-- from the fences as room dividers, to the beds to create long, low couches. Minecraft screenshot with warm lighting, featuring a cozy living room with a conversation pit and fireplace.

First Place: $50 Steam Gift Card

We loved the atmosphere to this one. The hanging lighting, the warm hearth, the book nook-- Definitely a place I want to curl up and read. The creative incorporation of plants really pushed this one over the top for us! A cozy minecraft build featuring a book nook, fireplace, creative patterned flooring and lots of incorporated plants.

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