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Happy Halloween! Thanks for coming to our spookiest server.

Our first in-game event went awesome! Thanks so much to all of our subscribers and guest partners who attended for the stream. Check our our Twitch channel for more fun events, and if you heard someone you'd like to follow in our partner voice chat, please check them out, too! 😄

  • Lokbatch

  • Kevsky (streaming) (mod info)

  • Marshmallows (No link, just marshmallowy awesomeness :D)

Special grats to Kevsky, for being the only one to beat the super difficult glass maze. 🎉

And thank you to our Nodecraft staff!

  • Alyssa (CSR Manager, maker of this modpack 👻)

  • Jon (CEO)

  • Rory (Community Manager)

  • Rustin (Partnership Account Manager)

  • Riffey (CMO, Creative Director)

And if you all want to check out the pack yourself, it's up on curse! Have fun out there, and watch out for Freddy. 😱

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