Mobile Ready

This year, Google reported that more searches are made from mobile devices than desktop ones, and are tailoring their search results to be more useful thereof. There's been a growing trend of mobile usage that our own traffic has also been mirroring. We've heard from our avid fans on a near weekly basis, requesting a mobile site, and we've heard you loud and clear; there's just no excuse for a website that isn't mobile friendly in 2016. As of yesterday, Tuesday 15th November, we ported a section of code from the upcoming Nodepanel v2 release into our current production website, which made mobile-ready. With these changes, our website should scale perfectly on all modern, mobile devices.

What changes can I expect to see?

If you access and browse our website from a desktop computer, you shouldn't notice any significant changes. However, if you browse from a smart-phone, tablet, or even a small netbook, our website should now be much more usable, and much more familiar to users, with the iconic "hamburger" icon now providing navigation at just a tap away.

Mobile App Companion

As a part of our 3 year anniversary, we launched our mobile app for both Android and iOS. This mobile app is a lightweight companion which we recommend to our mobile users, rather than using the website. This app is designed for mobile phones, while our desktop site is much more functional for deep level game server configuration. You're still welcome to give our full control panel a try on mobile though!

What's next?

We've been talking about the next iteration of our control panel for quite some time. It's still being developed and is getting closer every day. We've set our standards perhaps a little too high, but we believe the incredible features it'll bring will be worth the wait. In the meantime, you can participate in our Weekly Server Giveaway and look forward to the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals coming up next week.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and we'll be happy to assist! We have some very exciting news to share in the upcoming months, so stay tuned for details.

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