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NodePanel Update 0.2.1

We are continuing our weekly update pattern with yet another system update. Our primary feature for this week's update is our Game Server REST API. This API allows our customers to control the status of their server, send console commands, and even read console output! You can find the API documentation at the new developer portal: In addition, we have extended our Minecraft server jar catalogue to include jars from both Glowstone and Canary. These two server jars are up and rising alternative server jars for those that are no longer using Bukkit. We also have a few minor application fixes to apply, of which you can find more details in the changelog below:

NodePanel V0.2.1 Changelog

  • [ADD] REST API to manage game servers.

  • [ADD] Support for Glowstone and Canary

  • [FIX] Fixed typo preventing Multicraft migration from completion

  • [FIX] Uncaught Exceptions causing game server daemon to restart

  • [FIX] Game server daemon dual booting to cause "Fail to bind to port" errors

  • [FIX] Multi-line output buffers not including full output.

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