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NodePanel Update 0.1.3

We are excited to announce yet another NodePanel update! Alongside a handful of bug fixes, the biggest addition this week is the introduction of Co-Op Vault which allows our customers to start accepting EULA friendly donations from players, family, and friends to assist in the cost for their servers.

We are also changing all of our Minecraft server packages to unlimited slots! We still caution our customers to keep realistic limits in mind, however you will no longer be forced to contact us to raise slot limits on your account.

NodePanel V0.1.3 Changelog

  • [ADD] Co-Op-Vault

  • [MOD] All Minecraft server products have unlimited slots

  • [FIX] Support tickets now send emails on create and update

  • [FIX] Support ticket redirect after ticket is created

  • [FIX] Upgrade/downgrade price rounding issues

  • [FIX] Billing promotional codes not being calculated correctly in rare circumstances

  • [FIX] Invoice totals (applicable promotional codes) not being calculated correctly in rare circumstances

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