NodePanel Update 2.9.0 - Killing Floor 2

Another weekly NodePanel update streamed directly to your browsers! This week, Nodecraft launches server hosting for the action-packed Killing Floor 2. This game is a classic wave-based survival shooter where you and 5 other players fight off waves of zombies, mutants, and other horrors. We've also launched a few improvements to NodePanel for all of our customers.

  • [GAME] Killing Floor 2
  • [ADD] Automated Tasks can now be paused. Allowing you to stop tasks from running without deleting them.
  • [ADD] Nodepanel now prevents you from deleting your last backup for an instance. This way you always have one copy of your instance files kept. If customers want to delete the last backup, they can delete the instance directly.
  • [FIX] FTP has significant performance improvements for clients that constantly re-authenticate during mass file uploads.
  • [FIX] Rate limiting error messages should now be shown to users.
  • Various minor UI changes to improve usability with backup management.

We love hearing from our customers. If you have a suggestion for a game or a feature you'd like to see in NodePanel, please submit it on our Community Feedback page.

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