Create Game servers for 21 different games now including Avorion

Forget about the fact that summer is nearly over and it's almost time to go back to school. Instead, delve into deep space, fight space pirates, and craft your own spaceship in Avorion! In today's weekly update, we've launched Avorion server hosting along with several other changes in NodePanel update 2.8.0.

Terraria Hosting is no longer in Early Access

Our other big change in today's update adds extra settings and options to our growing number of gamers playing Terraria at Nodecraft. Now you can quickly change settings for your server and manage your worlds with just a couple clicks!

Terraria World Generation Manager GIF
  • [GAME] Nodecraft now offers Avorion server hosting!
  • [ADD] All game server password fields can now be peaked at. Simply click the eye icon and the field will reveal the password.
  • [ADD] [Rust] Added additional options to manage world size and cvars.
  • [ADD] [Terraria] We've rolled a full game settings UI which includes an easy to use World Manager. Users no longer have to duel the settings to generate a new world!
  • [FIX] [Terraria] Added more output normalizing. All Terraria output should be normal. There's nothing weird going on here. Move along.
  • [FIX] [ARK] Added the ability to select a non-default map. Useful if you want to play a modded map!
  • [FIX] Uptime for game servers running for more than a month now show the correct time.
  • [FIX] Custom world names can now be submitted in the custom UI.
  • [MOD] .ini files are now parsed in the editor and displayed prettily.
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