NodePanel 2 Update 2.7.0 - Now including ECO server hosting!

It sure is hot here in our Oklahoma City and UK offices. Many scientists blame the extreme heat this summer on the environmental impact humans have made on the earth. Help combat awareness for these types of issues by creating your very own ECO server! in ECO you have to stop an asteroid from destroying the earth in just 30 days, but be careful you don't destroy the ecosystem! We've added ECO and several other changes to this week's NodePanel update: 2.7.0!

  • [GAME] Nodecraft now offers ECO server hosting!
  • [MOD] MySQL servers are now available for Terraria, Garry's Mod, and (have been available for) Minecraft.
  • [ADD] FIle Manager now accepts folder uploads! You can upload entire folders from your computer!
  • [ADD] File Manager now give you the option to move files and folders to the root server directory.
  • [FIX] File Manager uploads and files created would all be uploaded to the root server directory. These files are now uploaded to the directory you are viewing.
  • [FIX] [Minecraft] Output parsing for Forge 1.12.2- and higher.
  • [FIX] [Terraria] TShock now correctly tracks players leaving the server. Sorry to to folks who had dozens of ghost players on their servers.
  • [FIX] [Terraria] tTModloader output is more normalized.
  • [FIX] Fixed bug where instance stats would double report stats.
  • [FIX] Prevent long-running SteamCMD installs from sometimes timing out unexpectedly.

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We'll see you in a week for another NodePanel update!

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