Don't Starve Together - NodePanel Update 2.6.0

Has it been another month already? You know what that means! It's time for another update blog post!

Don't Starve Together Server Hosting

This time we've added a staff favorite. With NodePanel you can instantly create your own server, complete with the caves clustering. For all Nodecraft customers, you can instantly save your current server and swap to Don't Starve Together at no extra cost! The server runs on any plan, including Nano!

Improving Deploy Time

We've heard you loud and clear; our deploy times could be better. With this update, we've managed to improve fresh deploy times for larger games like ARK from 8 minutes down to 2-3 minutes! Next, we're working on improving backup/instance re-deploy times.

Summer sale is still live!

If you haven't already picked up your summer sale pass, make sure you do so before the sale runs out! With this promo, you'll get 1 month free when you purchase 2 months on any bot. Also get more savings on our bigger bot plans!

Here's the changelog for the highlights of the 2.6.0 release of NodePanel.

  • [GAME] Don't Starve Together
  • [ADD] [ARK] Basic Configuration UI added
  • [ADD] File Manager now supports the un-archiving of 7z files
  • [SITE] We've started including game news on our blog! You can find updates for the games servers you run with Nodecraft!
  • [SITE] Updated our site to reflect the new branding and company changes with our transition to Nodecraft Inc.
  • [MOD] Greatly improved Steam game server installation time.
  • [MOD] Deprecated our old Ticket system in favor of the new on-website chat, powered by Intercom. You can view your chat history via the widget on our site, or via the Conversations section of your Support dashboard.
  • [MOD] Replaced our phone system with a new call-back setup. This allows our agents time to gather information about user accounts so to provide a lot more helpful information during the call.

As always we're looking for your feedback, suggestions, or games you want to see added to our growing platform. Say something on the official community feedback platform.

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