NodePanel 2: Update 2.4.0

This month has been an exciting one for Nodecraft. The hype has been real for PixARK-- and upon release, it was even more popular than we anticipated. Normally we operate with a healthy cushion of available space to be sure our users have undisturbed service, and the PixARK flood looked at our nice comfy cushion and laughed.

TRex eating a PixArk server with a sandvich on top

Our server fleet has bulked up to handle the influx, and we're thrilled that service is returning to the normal high-caliber performance we expect. As always, if you experience any difficulties, please let us know!

Our team have been back at work implementing a new game, and improving our support for many other games including PixARK, Garry's Mod, and more. Staxel, the popular multiplayer farming game, is now available for deployment with NodePanel! We've had a lot of requests for this game, and it's now available to all of our customers.

Here's a full changelog of everything included in this update:

  • [GAME] Staxel
  • [ADD] [PixARK] Game Settings UI now lets you customise many aspects of the server. More options coming soon!
  • [ADD] [Garry's Mod] Game Settings page. Set your workshop collection, startup map, and any custom cvars you wish.
  • [ADD] [Rust] Improved RCON configuration UI.
  • [ADD] [CS:S] Basic configuration UI for server max players, map, etc.
  • [ADD] [CS:GO] Basic configuration UI for server map, gamemode, etc.
  • [ADD] File Manager file creation UI. You can now create new files directly from the file manager.
  • [FIX] [Minecraft] Spigot plugins with external download links, such as Grief Prevention no longer throw ambiguous errors when attempting to install. The user is alerted to this so they can manually install the plugin.
  • [FIX] [PixARK] Signals such as SIGINT, etc. are now sent to the game server properly so it can shut down gracefully.
  • [FIX] Automatic link parsing in the server console no longer strips any text after links.
  • [FIX] Users who registered with an external provider such as Twitch/Discord can now set their password correctly for FTP, etc. access.

Have any suggestions, feedback, or games you think Nodecraft should add? Let us know on the official community feedback platform.

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