NodePanel 2 Update 2.21.0

Our entire team has had a really busy start to 2020. While our marketing team has been laser focused on the beginnings of the official Nodecraft Twitch and YouTube channels, our dev team has been toiling away at making everything you love about running game servers at Nodecraft even better! Today's update is massive and includes a wide array of changes for games that include UI for new features, quality of life settings, and the usual bugfixes. With our dev team growing, we were able to focus on several new UI refreshes to parts of our UI that haven't changed since NodePanel V1 such as the One Click Installer!

One Click Installer UI

One of the most difficult parts of running your game server is keeping things up to date and correctly installed. That challenge gets harder for the Nodecraft team as we track almost track over 9,000 game server releases across out entire catalog of games! This refreshed UI update includes a ton of changes to help make it incredibly obvious what your game server currently has installed, what you're about to install, and how our system is going to modify those files. Previously, a simple dropdown wasn't clear enough, so we had our art and customer support team work together to bring you the new changes to this essential UI.

Nodecraft One Click Installer update UI update

Streamer Mode

Our devs are ready to admit something: it took us far too long to add this feature to NodePanel. After weeks of our Marketing team hounding everyone, we finally added some game server privacy for streamers and the players connected to the server. With Streamer Mode enabled, your server's hostname, IP address, and any other IPs in the server console will be hidden from view. If you need that UI, it's as simple as clicking to reveal it. So feel free to manage the server while live, recording, or just when you don't much feel like sharing.

Nodecraft NodePanel streamer mode

Many more updates

We hope to increase the frequency of updates so these changelogs won't be so massive and we can highlight more awesome changes coming to your game servers. But for now, check out this absolute unit of a changelog:

  • [GAME] Road to Eden
  • [ADD] [ARK] ARK Genesis DLC is now available at Nodecraft!
  • [ADD] [7 Days to Die] User defined world names
  • [ADD] [Avorion] UI for installing Steam Workshop Mods
  • [ADD] [Counter Strike: Global Offensive] Allow custom tickrate to be set.
  • [ADD] [Insurgency Sandstorm] Support for Game Stats tracked by official game dev servers is here!
  • [ADD] [Left 4 Dead 2] MySQL Databases are now available for this game.
  • [ADD] [Garry's Mod] Added Improved tickrate settings
  • [ADD] [Starbound] MySQL Databases are now available for this game.
  • [ADD] Support for 3D Secure (3DS2) Payments for all credit/debit cards and banks that support or require it for payments.
  • [ADD] Steam Update Checker now proactively helps you keep your Steam based game servers updated
  • [ADD] One click Installer UI has been refreshed to better help you understand what you are installing and how it affects your game server's files
  • [ADD] Streamer Mode is now here! You can hide sensitive information on your NodePanel page and manage the server while on stream!
  • [ADD] All Password inputs now can be toggled to be visible for server and admin passwords on all games
  • [ADD] A popup warning is displayed if you attempt to deploy a game server with an instance that doesn't have enough RAM
  • [ADD] You can now download entire folders as ZIP files from the web-based File Manager without first creating a zip file.
  • [FIX] [Avorion] Bug saving startup arguments
  • [FIX] [Avorion] Collision damage UI wouldn't validate small enough percentage changes
  • [FIX] [Conan Exiles] Bug that selected the wrong time on game settings
  • [FIX] [ECO] Improved output parsing on the console
  • [FIX] [Killing Floor 2] Bug that prevented some game settings from being saved
  • [FIX] [Killing Floor 2] Improved downloading of Steam Workshop downloads
  • [FIX] [Terraria] World names can now have numbers in them.
  • [FIX] [RUST] Default world size is updated to reflect new game defaults.
  • [FIX] [Staxel] Improved output parsing for chat messages on the console
  • [FIX] [Factorio] Improved output parsing on the console
  • [FIX] Console now properly preserves extraneous spaces which makes reading stack traces from errors much easier.
  • [FIX] Wide variety of edge case scenarios where error messages wouldn't show up.
  • [FIX] OAuth connections no longer use a popup window or break on mobile.
  • [FIX] File manager no longer lets you try to delete or zip an empty selection of files... even when you try really hard
  • [FIX] Backups have significantly improved retry logic and resilience when uploading to Backblaze with failures.
  • [FIX] Nodecraft Support-A-Creator Partner portal bug where it would load forever under the right conditions
  • [FIX] Instances can only be archived by the owner.
  • [REMOVE] [Team Fortress 2] sv_pure is no longer forced as a default startup argument.
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