NodePanel 2 Update 2.20.0

After a long wait, we've got a massive update to NodePanel with a focus on improving quality of life & service reliability. We've had an enormous amount of growth in 2019 and with that comes a lot really difficult technical challenges as we continue to scale our game server cloud to meet the demand of more gamers.

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Steam Deploy / Update Patch

Have you had a problem installing or updating Steam games on your Nodecraft server? Heck, we know you have (cries in customer support). This update addresses the growing problem of Steam updates (via SteamCMD) and adds multi-stage deploys. Not only should this resolve the constant failure rates encountered when you run the Steam Validate/Update for your Steam games, but it also means that if you install a modded version of a game like tModLoader to a game like Terraria, we will install the base game before installing mods. With this update you can expect Steam games to simply work rather than have an intermittent failure rate, requiring our support team to step in. WHEW!

Terraria Steam installation
tModLoader installation

NodePanel has moved to

While we prepare to launch some amazing new features for our customers in 2020, we constantly ran into an issue where we'd want to make a really massive UI change, but couldn't as it would affect the Nodecraft website, making it weird for new customers. To fix this our dev team opted to make NodePanel as a separate part of our website, making it available at, while making the login and signup process as seamless as possible. With this in place, we'll be launching some long needed updates to our UI to make it even more mobile and wide desktop friendly. Aside from making our website and NodePanel faster, this doesn't really affect any customers yet, but means that we'll have some cool new changes launching soon.

  • [GAME] Day of Dragons
  • [ADD] Adelaide, Australia location. Customers can now deploy servers in Australia for improved latency and performance.
  • [ADD] Installations of addons that require a base-game are now automatically installed for users.
  • [ADD] Installations of Steam games now show multiple progress bars for each step of the installation.
  • [ADD] Steam game branches which require a password now prompts the user before installing.
  • [ADD] [KF2] Added Mods UI to easily install mods
  • [MOD] NodePanel moved to Managing your game servers is still as easy as ever.
  • [MOD] [7D2D] Improved output parsing for players events, server startup and more, for A18+ versions of the game.
  • [MOD] [7D2D] Improve config handling adding new world types, & tweaking changed values/defaults, for A18+ versions of the game.
  • [MOD] More human readable message for File Manager error codes.
  • [FIX] [Minecraft] The server will now restart properly after accepting the Mojang EULA.
  • [FIX] [Rust] RCON port is now set correctly when changing it within NodePanel.
  • [FIX] [KF2] Game Settings save all options using the correct array syntax.
  • [FIX] [Starbound] Game Settings patched a minor bug preventing this from working in specific circumstances.
  • [FIX] SteamCMD runtimes no longer have to update before performing the update/validate step.
  • [FIX] Instance deploy timeout error in specific circumstances.
  • [FIX] Instance archive hanging in specific circumstances.
  • [FIX] The console input now auto-focuses when landing on the page.
  • [FIX] Automated tasks would only run once in certain circumstances.
  • [FIX] Users listed on the console now works correctly when there are 20+ users listed (whoa, that's a lot of admin abuse!).
  • [FIX] Massively improved global system stability.
  • [FIX] Restarting game servers after system maintenance actually works now.
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