Nodepanel 2 Update 2.19.0

Are you ready for even faster game servers? More CPU to share with your friends, mobs, and … okay that was kinda cheesy. This update is addressing one of the growing concerns we've had with our customerbase about the CPU performance of our game servers. Our senior dev ops engineer dug in and found some parts of NodePanel that was eating up a ton of CPU that should have been used on your game servers. With this update we've seen our entire fleet of servers, spanning 10 different datacenters, drop their CPU load by well over half. For the less tech nerds out there, it's like watching your CPU usage go from 75% to 25%.

Our dev team also managed to push a few extra quality of life patches into this one, so enjoy! We're still working on a ton of upcoming changes that are coming Soon™.

  • [ADD] [Killing Floor 2] Add one click mods UI for customers to configure and fix any uploaded Steam Workshop mods.
  • [MOD] Better describe PermGen/MetaSpace for Minecraft servers depending on the Java version used.
  • [MOD] General performance updates.
  • [FIX] When cancelling an upload in the File Manager, this will no longer prevent further uploads from occurring.
  • [FIX] [Seven Days to Die] Movement settings can now be configured from the panel for newer versions of the game without issue.
  • [FIX] [Minecraft: Bedrock] Config files are now read and parsed correctly for the NodePanel UI.
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