Nodepanel 2: Update  2.18.0

Who's ready for another exciting NodePanel update? You are, that's why you're reading this, right? We've split our dev team up so we can focus on the massive upcoming changes while not abandoning the still growing user-base using NodePanel 2. We cant wait to share these details with everyone, but unfortunately that day isn't today, so sit back and enjoy reading our moderately technical changelog for how we're making your online gameplay even easier. If that doesn't sound like your type of blog post, the TL;DR is "We updated Nodepanel to handle updates to several games, added a really cool modding tool to Starbound, fixed a couple bugs, and a few tweaks to the dark mode version of our website".

Shoutout to a Nodecraft Partner

Oh, and before we get to the changelog, we felt it was important to give a shoutout to one of the Nodecraft Partners, Jared for their assistance in bringing ZenScript highlighting to the web-based file manager in NodePanel. What's that, you don't know what ZenScript is? ZenScript is a scripting language for the mod CraftTweaker (and addons) that makes it really simple to provide customization for nearly all modern Minecraft modpacks and is arguably one of the most vital aspects of the Java Edition's modding ecosystem. What's even more impressive is that this open source code is now used on GitHub, one of the most popular developer tools online. So, when Jared isn't making a ton of awesome Minecraft mods, he's busy making the developer, modding, and gaming community a better place. We're happy to support him as a Nodecraft Partner!

  • [ADD] The File Manager now supports ZenScript highlighting, for those CraftTweaker, etc. scripts used in many Minecraft modpacks. A huge thanks goes out to our partner Jared for implementing this.
  • [ADD] [ARK: Survival] The new Valguero map is now available within NodePanel.
  • [ADD] [Insurgency: Sandstorm] The new Team Deathmatch gamemode and maps are now supported.
  • [ADD] [Don't Starve Together] The latest Return of Them beta is supported and available in NodePanel.
  • [ADD] [Garry's Mod] Gamemodes installed from the workshop are now selectable directly in the NodePanel UI. You no longer need to know the exact name of the gamemode - it will be auto-suggested for you!
  • [ADD] [Minecraft: Bedrock] The configuration UI for Minecraft Bedrock is now much easier to use with clear illustration of features.
  • [ADD] [Conan Exiles] The serverRegion setting can now be configured in NodePanel. No more pesky config edits!
  • [ADD] [Starbound] We now have a work in progress mods UI, that allows you to easily upload and prepare your mods for server use. The "rename" step" of this article can now be automated in one click.
  • [ADD] Support for Dark Mode is now available in our blog and knowledgebase. Using the latest Firefox, Chrome, or iOS 13? Check out the new darkmode in action.
  • [FIX] [Conan Exiles] Negative numbers are no longer allowed in fields that weren't supported, and would cause the game to behave unexpectedly.
  • [FIX] [Rust] Changes to the Rust game configuration now save correctly... whoops!
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