Nodepanel Update 2.11.0 - Unturned Server Hosting

We've launched another end of the month update! This update adds the free-to-play voxel game: Unturned! You can run from zombies, survive, or fight in PVP on your own private Unturned Server!

This update also have a number of quality of life updates for a number of games and sections of NodePanel. The most notable part of this update provides a sneak peak into some of the changes coming to our backups features!

  • [GAME] Unturned: You can now deploy and instance for the free-to-play voxel zombie shooter: Unturned. This game is currently in early access within our platform. More controls coming soon!
  • [ADD] [CSGO] Customers can now directly set the tickrate to 64 or 128. This, like all features at Nodecraft is at no extra charge
  • [ADD] [CSS] Customers can now directly set the tickrate to 66 or 100. Also a free option to change
  • [ADD] [Minecraft] Minecraft Forge builds now have the tags `latest` and `recommended` to help customers pick which version to select
  • [ADD] Backups UI now shows usage on the instance backups page. This is the first of a series of backups changes and updates we will be making
  • [FIX] Dashboard errors after instance was deployed wouldn't always refresh. Whoops!
  • [FIX] Small UI patch fix for Dedicated Servers private alpha. Edit and create forms wouldn't close after submitting
  • [FIX] File Manager no longer flashes loading animations for requests that complete in less than 100ms. The change makes the UI feel much smoother when NodePanel is just too fast!
  • [FIX] File Manager downloads are significantly more reliable than before. We've squashed some bugs that were causing things to unexpectedly timeout

As always, we want to thank everyone who provided their feedback! If you have a suggestion for a feature or game you want to see at Nodecraft, come let us know!

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