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Small updates, and new provisioning system

We are happy to announce another small change to our services.

We know that a lot of people are still wanting updates on our panel, however this isn't one of them unfortunately. While developing our panel we've found ourselves constantly spending time on similar requests from customers and having to fix small issues with our current provisioning system. The new ordering process should be streamlined and a little easier to use for new and existing customers. We'll cover each part of this update below:

  1. Faster Multicraft Panels We have switched to a geo-distributed database for our MultiCraft panels. This means our Europe and East coast control panels will no longer suffer long page loads and slow requests.

  2. Provisioning System One of our biggest problems with our existing system was that there was little order or control over the dedicated IP addresses. We ran into a bug when we opened our East coast and Europe locations where our new servers would be setup on port 25570, but still had a dedicated IP. This was a glitch with the default Multicraft module we use in WHMCS. We wrote our own module which gives us far better control over the IPs we assign. If you still have a server on port 25570 (or other non default), you can visit your clientarea to fix the port with a click of a button with the changes in item 3.

  3. Client Area changes. We've spend a little time tidying up our clientarea. We pushed the first part of this update in December with the icons. Now our customers can control the custom DNS hostname they setup when they ordered ( for example). You can access these changes by simply viewing the details on your product.

  4. DNS Provider We have switched our DNS provider which gives us far better control over our DNS and also to a geo-distributed system for fast lookups. This really shouldn't change anything you see on the front end, but provide more stability with setup and orders.

This small detour in development should give us a little extra time to focus on developing the best control panel we can and less time on repetitive tasks. Here's to a great 2014 and more development updates to come!

If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us!

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