Introducing the revolution in game server hosting: NodePanel

Introducing Nodepanel

It’s a wonderfully exciting time for us today at NodeCraft as we’ve recently deployed our new control panel and website to This new control panel was built from the ground up to provide customers like yourself with a better and more unified experience.

We have made some minor package adjustments with our new deployment which you can review at We’d also like to bring your attention to a few specific changes in our services as we move towards this new system:

1: 512MB server discontinued

We have opted to discontinue our 512MB server due to the increasing memory demands of both vanilla, Bukkit based servers, and modpacks alike. We feel this will ensure all customers get access to our wonderful library of server jars in NodePanel and a dedicated IP address for all of our services. All customers with a 512MB server will be unable to upgrade to Nodepanel until they switch packages to at least a 1GB server. Please contact support for more details.

2: Multicraft cut-off date

While we are recommending customers to move to our new panel, we will still continue to support and provide Multicraft customers until September 7th. At this time, all customers will be forcibly upgraded to NodePanel. 512MB servers will be automatically upgraded and as always, customers can cancel at any time. We will also be discontinuing support for our legacy one click mod installer and recommend any customers wishing to use a modpack, upgrade to NodePanel.

3: New Login & FTP System

One of the greater changes of our new system is the all-in-one authentication system. As soon as you’ve upgraded to NodePanel, you will no longer need to login to billing and control panel separately. The interface to handle billing, support, and your services are now in the same control panel. If you have web hosting, we are still using cpanel and your login details have not changed yet. Additionally, your FTP credentials used to manage your server files are the exact same credentials used to login to our website; simply use the dedicated IP address of your server (with port 21) and you are good to go.

4: Multicraft FTP Port

If you are still using Multicraft to manage your service, the port for FTP has changed from port 21 to port 121. All other credentials have not been changed.

5: Getting started with NodePanel.

To start using NodePanel you simply need to go visit and login with your credentials you’ve used at (our legacy billing/support website, NOT Multicraft). That interface will walk you through the process of creating your NodePanel login and will automatically import your services for you. From here, the process of upgrading your Multicraft service(s) is outlined on the service itself; simply click the service you want to upgrade and follow the instructions from there. We understand there are a lot of changes being made and we welcome questions or concerns. Please feel free to reach out and contact us

We'd like to take the time to thank all of our wonderful customers to allowing us to get to this point!

Application Changelog:

  • [NEW] Webhosting Module
  • [NEW] Multicraft Module (limited)
  • [ADD] Billing System Integration
  • [ADD] Multi-User Permissions System
  • [ADD] [Minecraft] Custom JAR selection
  • [ADD] [Minecraft] Overview has additional information
  • [MOD] Patched UI for consistency
  • [FIX] DNS Hostname Setup Patch
  • [FIX] Slot Count/limit not showing up correctly.
  • [FIX] File Manager not listing files when directory had too many entries
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