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NodeCraft Relaunch!

Hello everyone,

Today marks a very exciting milestone in our history! We are extremely proud to unveil our new product line code-named NodePanel. We would like you to join us in testing our new product and supplying us with your invaluable feedback.

We have spent this last year designing and developing this system from the ground up. We are confident in the flexibility that our systems provide, however, have not had the opportunity as of yet to stress test them in a large product environment. For the next ten to thirty days, we will be performing live stress tests by giving away dozens of servers to both existing and new customers alike. We feel a necessity to provide a system on par with the stability of our current, however strive to provide a more intuitive and enjoyable experience, which these coming weeks will allow us to achieve. Until we feel that NodePanel surpasses all of our expectations and benchmarks, we will not accepting any payment for the use of it. Rest assured that if you are unable to pay, or simply no longer wish to continue your service at the end of this period, your server files will be provided to you at no additional cost.

Please contact us via Live Chat or simply apply by visiting the link below if you're interested in testing our new product and we hope to see you soon!

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