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NodeCDN, our partnership with ATLauncher

We are excited today to announce a new partnership with ATLauncher, in our effort to better support the developers behind the mods and modpacks that we and our customers use every day. In the past we've offered developers a free server to provide a testing environment on the Bukkit platform.

Today we announce a new product to provide developers assistance with another growing problem: NodeCDN. NodeCDN is a content delivery network which provides developers with a geo-distributed fleet of file servers to provide high speed downloads to end users. We are excited for the opportunity to give back to the community of developers who have worked so hard and hope that this platform helps reduce current problems with advertisements and download speeds with existing solutions. We are committed to serving the modding community without ads and with a mantra of putting the developer and end user first.

Ryan from ATLauncher will be partnering with us to be the first developer group using this new platform to improve the performance for modpack updates. We've kept a close relationship with Ryan since ATLauncher has launched and have stood behind their vision from the start. We hope that with this partnership we can bring new collaboration between ATLauncher and NodeCraft to benefit everyone. Since its launch, ATLauncher has been geared at supporting developers and the community first and we hope we can perpetuate and extend that with the resources we have available. For more information, please review the announcement by Ryan here.

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