4th Year of Operation

Four score years and many blog posts ago, we launched NodeCraft, and today we get to celebrate our 4th year of operation.

What have we done with ourselves? It’s important to talk about what we’ve accomplished in the last four years not just as a company, but what we’ve accomplished in the name of gaming for our customers. We’ve upgraded our entire fleet’s hardware 5 times, each time at no additional cost to customers. We’ve saved our community partners well over 2PB (2,097,152GB) of bandwidth via our 100% free CDN, with no ads! We’ve launched several projects and tools to help server owners host resource packs, get the latest versions of Minecraft, and a few other great projects. And all the while, we’ve maintained and have built what we still consider to lead our industry in power and flexibility for game servers.

What about NodePanel v2? NodePanel v2 is a complete overhaul of our website, control panel, billing, and a couple really cool features which we can’t talk about yet. It’s been a work in progress for well over a year at this point and to date has over 100,000 lines of new code stretching between 8 different applications. It’s been an undertaking, to say the very least and there are a lot of changes we needed to make to build the and improved infrastructure required for v2.

In closing While we don’t have as many announcements as we did last year, we’re even more excited for the changes to come as we enter our 5th year of operation. We’re starting to see the results of the last year’s efforts in building NodePanel v2 and we wish we could spill more details, but it’s ultimately something we’re holding close to our chest for the time-being. If you want to learn more when we launch beta testing, subscribe to our newsletter.

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