18 Oct, 2015

Come Visit Us at Thunder Plains!

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Our lead developer here at NodeCraft will be speaking at a developer conference in Oklahoma City on November 3rd, 2015. Come learn, share, and network with some of the great developers from Microsoft, Digital Ocean, and dozens of other great organizations. Jonathan’s talk is named “Using Node.js to Build your Transport Layer”, which is directly inspired by […]

3 Mar, 2015

PSA: Potential Vulnerability in Multicraft Hosts

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There is some speculation that an exploit has been developed to target hosts which use Multicraft. A post on the Hack Forums shows a user making a remark about being able to force OP on a server powered by Multicraft. There is a user on the /r/Minecraft subreddit which reports his world being taken over […]

9 Jan, 2015

Introducing Bytesize

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We are proud to announce Bytesize, a lightweight Modpack released on ATLauncher. Bytesize is designed to work on the server with our small 1GB plan. We felt that there was a lot of great modpacks in the ATlauncher, but the majority of them required a 2GB or 3GB server to run – even for a […]

4 Dec, 2014

Will NodePanel ever be licensed or sold?

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One of the most commonly asked questions by customers and other providers is in regards to our intent of licensing NodePanel or reselling the software with a white-label service. The short answer is no; we have no plans of doing so. The long answer is motivated by our core values as a company. We did not build our company […]

18 Nov, 2012

SSDs are the future of computing!

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Here at NodeCraft, we are constantly striving to bring you improved performance for all of our services. As you may have read we have recently undergone some pretty cool hardware upgrades.    The most important of these upgrades is the SSD (Solid State Drives) we are using. SSDs run on much higher level performance than […]