An update to UniverCity has been released! See the full changelog below:

  • Walls are now lowered when placing rooms/buildings. It ended up being pretty hard to place a building behind another building as you could only see where the wall was and not the border. This should hopefully solve that issue.
  • Added another type of trash to make things look a bit more interesting.
  • Trash now fades into the floor instead of just disappearing when cleaned up
  • Fixed students missing lessons when loading a save file This would happen if you saved whilst a student was walking to a lesson, the game wouldn't save the fact they were walking and when it loaded the game again the student would assume it couldn't reach the room.
  • Added basic command support support on the server console. Currently only "quit" and "save" for now.
  • Redo the female student models. No longer a copy/paste job from the male model.
  • Smooth shadow rendering, shows more on lower settings.
  • Changed the rendering of shadows on water. This occurred due to an optimization on shadow rendering breaking the hack used for water shadows.
  • Fixed some holes in a few models
  • Modified the textures of doors and added a few new colors.
  • Slowed down the snack stop's serving time and fixed a few issues with its script

Internal Changes

  • Cleaned up some unused code/data from the old idle system
  • Optimized shadow rendering slightly by doing it at a later rendering stage
  • Animated model rendering improvements which should allow for slight differences in body shapes when sharing animations.
  • Reduced the amount of VRAM required slightly by changing the types used for some framebuffers.
  • Optimized the ECS used internally to save some memory
  • Optimized some memory allocations in a few hotspots.
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