The Factorio team has launched Factorio version 0.17.57! Take a look at the full changelog below.


  • Restored ore placement to match that of 0.17.50 more


  • Optimized synchronization time of blueprint library to a new game map. more


  • Fixed glitch in pollution cloud overlay rendering. more
  • Fixed joining multiplayer through Steam Friends would not work sometimes. more
  • Fixed rail signal consistency for a very special corner case. more
  • Fixed that the Linux server's standard input could get closed under some circumstances. more
  • Fixed crash when enabling blueprint library cloud sync when local blueprint library did not exist. more
  • Fixed that trains couldn't be rotated while in the map editor. more
  • Fixed that LuaGameScript::ban_player() only worked with real players. more
  • Fixed that the changelog GUI could have unnecessary scroll bars. more
  • Fixed that hiding the search bar didn't unfocus it, so it was still possible to write to the invisible search bar. more
  • Fixed wrong signal placeability in some specific cases. more
  • Fixed that the entity tooltip would flicker in some cases related to the tooltip delay. more
  • Fixed a crash when opening assembling machines with fixed_recipe set in the latency state. more


  • Added a prototype property for hiding recipes from the player crafting GUI.
  • Renamed spot noise argument 'minimum_candidate_point_spacing' to 'suggested_minimum_candidate_point_spacing'
  • Added base_productivity to assembling machines, mining drill, and lab prototypes.
  • Added LuaEntityPrototype::base_productivity read.


  • Added optional "ignore_characters" to LuaSurface::clear().
  • Added on_gui_confirmed event.
  • Added LuaGuiElement::numeric, allow_decimal, allow_negative, is_password, lose_focus_on_confirm, clear_and_focus_on_right_click read/write.

You can get experimental releases by selecting the 'experimental' beta branch under Factorio's properties in Steam.

Factorio server hosting is available on Nodecraft! For Nodecraft customers, experimental versions of Factorio are available, just choose 'experimental' beta branch in the one click installer, or when creating a Factorio instance.

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