14 Dec, 2016

Install Bukkit & Spigot Plugins with one click!

posted in Development


Bukkit Dev Changes

In the past week, we’ve made several back-end updates to handle the changes caused by the newly relaunched Bukkit Dev plugin website. This sudden change caused the Bukget project to close its public API and cease work on the project. We are sad to see the project close out after so many years of operation, but a huge thanks go out to their team which worked with us back when we were implementing our first iteration on NodePanel; thanks for your commitment to the Minecraft community!

Now with Spigot Resources!

We’re proud to be one of the first few Minecraft hosts to provide Spigot Resource downloads via NodePanel. We’ve leveraged a community-led project named Spiget, to scrape data from the Spigot Resources website. Spigot Resources operate just like the Bukkit counterpart by providing an interface to search and install plugins.

We’re looking for your list of favorite Spigot Resources to list in our Control Panel. Submit a ticket with your themed list, and if we pick it, you’ll get $5.00 credit for each list you submit!


As some of our users may have noticed, we’ve lost the ability to detect which plugins are installed via Bukkit and Spigot resources, which was previously allowed. We’re working on creating a new hash database to identify versions and plugins both, however we’re trying to develop a way to do this efficiently and not cause any huge traffic spikes for both plugin websites. We hope to restore this functionality soon.