Celebratory blog header featuring RoryPlays and fireworks.

We're proud to have an amazing community here with with us at Nodecraft. This year has seen us exploring ideas like community contests, streaming, and other content that we've never tried before-- It really showed us how much we love interacting with you guys, and it made us realize how much more we could do with someone focused on creating exciting events, Twitch programming, and other creative ideas.

And so, we are elated to bring on RoryPlays as Community Manager! She has a broad history, from being Partnered Broadcaster on Twitch, to working with Ubisoft, EA, and Xbox, to teaching kindergarten, to racing cars. That is just cool. 😭 The closest we get is testing out the racing-style gaming chairs at PAX.

With her addition, you can look forward to a reformat of how we stream on Twitch, more events in Discord and on socials, and overall having a more responsive, interactive Nodecraft. Expect announcements for our new Twitch schedule soon!! And please come on by on any of our platforms to say hello. :)

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