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Job Opportunities: Partnership Account Manager

Partnership Account Manager


  • Must be a legal adult resident (18+) of Oklahoma, United States.
  • Must be able to communicate efficiently and coherently in English.
  • Able to effectively work with other co-workers in a small team to accomplish multiple goals.
  • Nodecraft is an equal opportunity employer.

We're seeking a highly motivated social influencer and partnerships manager with a passion for pop-culture, notable talent, gaming, and other creative storytelling via social media. This role involves establishing new and maintaining relationships with social media influencers, content creators, streamers, mod creators, and other Nodecraft Partners.

The ideal candidate will be very proficient in using a CRM (Client Relationships Management) tool to build a pipeline for partners. Further valuable skillsets include a strong understanding of modern social media etiquette and platform specific culture. Additionally, a deep understanding of gaming culture among sites like YouTube and would be of great benefit.

Job Requirements:

  • Performing outbound and call intros to onboard new potential partners
  • Going to conferences to meet and perform intros to new potential partners
  • Managing a pool of current partners to maintain concurrent communications with both ongoing marketing campaigns, the partner's needs, and ensuring a culture for our partnerships is maintained
  • Replying and engaging with new and potential partners on company social media profiles
  • Scheduling social media posts
  • Managing partners participation in the Nodecraft Support-A-Creator Program
  • Develop new processes for the Nodecraft Partner program
  • Proactively identifying and vetting all talent for potential partners
  • Develop and maintain direct relationships with Nodecraft Partners

Employee Perks & Benefits:

  • Employee Stock Options Plan
  • Health Insurance Coverage or HSA
  • No Cost Dental
  • No Cost Vision
  • No Cost Life Insurance
  • No Cost Short & Long Disability
  • Flexible Paid Time Off: Use it, roll it, or cash it
  • Gym Membership
  • Unlimited Snacks and Drinks
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