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Job Opportunities: Customer Support Representative

Customer Support Representative

Our growing team is looking for skilled problem solvers that genuinely like helping others. Our customer-focused product depends on enthusiastic professionals who can listen to customers needs and offer a unique and thoughtful solution. Think of this job as a dungeon-master, but for game servers instead of dungeons and customers instead of NPCs!

This job is limited to our Oklahoma-based Office!

Job Requirements:

  • Has a flexibile schedule and is willing to work weekends.
  • Can type and speak in a professional manner and voice.
  • Basic linux experience.
  • Basic understanding of how to use the SSH protocol
  • Basic understanding of using command-line scripts
  • Ability to employ patience & empathy. Mostly Patience.
  • Can effectively multi-task multiple customer conversations

Bonus Attributes

  • Has sales experience
  • Ability to understand, parse, write, and fix syntax-based language such as YML and JSON
  • Experience with network configuration and tools
  • Likes to use emojis and gifs and knows how to use them tastefully‚Ķ seriously
  • Basic understanding of memes. High level meme-lords need not apply.

Requirements for all positions

  • Must be a legal adult resident (18+) of Oklahoma, United States.
  • Must be able to communicate efficiently and coherently in English.
  • Ability to adapt quickly to meet customer needs.
  • Basic understanding of unix based systems.
  • Able to effectively work with other co-workers in a small team to accomplish multiple goals.
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